Garner Valley Homes for SaleGarner Valley Homes for Sale

Garner Valley is a neighborhood located in Mountain Center in Riverside County, California. 

The land that rests between the San Jacinto Mountains and the Rouse Ridge-Thomas Mountain is where you will find the beautiful neighborhood of Garner Valley. To the northwest you will find Keen Camp Summit and to the southwest is where Highway 371 connects to Highway 74 at Paradise Corners. The valley was formerly known as Hemet Valley and it’s a dry meadow that is surrounded by sagebrush, Jeffrey pines, and is the perfect place for horse owners and lovers. There are many miles of trails that is surrounded by beautiful national forest. 

You will still see Garner Ranch cattle grazing in the valley. Many residents enjoy attending events and activities at the beautiful Garner Ranch and you can even host your own, if you like. We have some beautiful properties to show you and if you’re interested, please give us a call.

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