Buying a Home

March 4, 2016

Choosing an Agent


First Step for Choosing the Right Idyllwild Real Estate Agent 

Choosing Your Idyllwild Real Estate Agent: Easy First Step 

Helping Idyllwild Real Estate Agents “Stock their Shelves” 


When interviewed following the successful close of their home’s sale, a convincing majority of homeowners say that one of the most ...

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Feb. 13, 2016

Idyllwild Real Estate Trends

New Survey Could Reveal Idyllwild Real Estate Attitude Shifts 

Idyllwild Real Estate Attitude Shifts May Register via New Survey New Survey Says ‘Ah,’ Measures Shifting Real Estate Trends


Any way you cut it, real estate makes up a huge chunk of the overall economy. One consequence of ...

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Feb. 9, 2016

Real Estate Checklists

Idyllwild Agent Wonders What Is It about Real Estate and Threes?  

Idyllwild Real Estate Checklists: Must They Run in 3s?

Idyllwild Realtor® Launches Real Estate List Inquiry 


When you go searching for the latest Idyllwild real estate news online, as likely as not you will find the ...

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Feb. 8, 2016

Appraising Idyllwild Appraisals

Appraising Idyllwild Appraisals:

Adjustments are the True Art Idyllwild Appraisals are as Objective as Possible…but… Idyllwild Appraisals: by Definition, Part Art, Part Science 


Built into the way an Idyllwild home changes ownership is the institution of the appraisal report—the document which attempts to place a dollar value ...

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Feb. 2, 2016

Rent or Buy

What’s More Important to Idyllwild Renters than Interest Rates?

3 Little-Used Initials Describe Idyllwild Home Renters’ Mindsets 

Fed’s WTP Inquiry Hints Likely Idyllwild Home Renter Leanings


You’d think that the single most influential factor governing a potential Idyllwild home buyer’s decision on whether to buy now or hold off ...

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Jan. 28, 2016

First time buyers in Idyllwild CA


Buying Your First Idyllwild Home: More Doable Than You Think!

Two Questions for Idyllwild First Home Buyers   

Idyllwild First Home Buyers Need Answer Just Two Questions 


For Idyllwild Ca first home buyers who are of a certain age (for the moment let’s call that 40+ or so ...

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Jan. 26, 2016

Idyllwild CA Interest Rates

Another Head-Spinner for Idyllwild Mortgage Interest Rates 

Idyllwild Mortgage Interest Rates Fall Amid Economic Turmoil

World Financial Distress Lowers Idyllwild Mortgage Interest Rates


By the end of last week, with world financial markets quavering and Wall Street chalking up the worst start for any year ever, you’d think that ...

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Jan. 24, 2016

New Listings vs old

New Idyllwild Listings Aren’t the Only Game in Town 

New Idyllwild Listings Worth Checking Out  

Something Worth Keeping in Mind: Listings Don’t Wilt! 


It’s probably inevitable (and may have something to do with the way our brains are wired) that when most people start looking for a ...

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Jan. 23, 2016

Home Loan Budgeting

Idyllwild Home Loan Budgeting Doesn’t Tell the Entire Story  

Anticipating Maintenance Add-Ons to Home Loan Budgeting

Home Loan Budgeting Sets Parameters for Idyllwild House Hunters 


When you first go shopping for a Idyllwild home, loan budgeting—figuring out how much a comfortable monthly mortgage payment would be—pretty much dictates ...

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Jan. 22, 2016

Real Estate Fundamentals

Mystery of The 184 Things Your Idyllwild Real Estate Agent Does 

Uncovering the Origins of 184 Things a Real Estate Agent Does

10 Years Later: Still 184 Things a Idyllwild Real Estate Agent Does


As its name clearly implies, The 184 Things a Real Estate Agent Does for You ...

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